Spring' 19 Department Seminars with Prof. H. Gül Yağlıoğlu

Title: Ultrafast Dynamics: Pump Probe Spectroscopy Technique in Broad Range of Materials

Speaker: Prof. H. Gül Yağlıoğlu

Department of Physics Engineering, Ankara University

Ankara, Türkiye

Date: March 5, 2019, Tuesday

Time: 12:40

Place: Departmental Seminar Room (SB-Z14)


Primary events in natural systems or devices occur in ultrafast time scales, which determine the output of the systems or final performance of the devices. Therefore, research in ultrafast science has an impact in both fundamental research as well as its applications. Ultrafast dynamics addresses questions such as the role of excess energy in electron injection at photovoltaic interfaces, the dynamics in quantum-confined structures (e.g. multi carrier generation), or electron/energy transfer mechanisms in novel compounds. Ultrafast pump probe spectroscopy technique is used to track ultrafast dynamics of the systems or devices. In this technique, a first light pulse (IR, Vis, EUV or X-ray) initiates dynamics, like a chemical reaction, a phase transition, spin, orbital, or charge-density waves in solids and a second pulse, impinging at a variable but well-defined time delay, probes the motion. In this talk, ultrafast pump probe spectroscopy technique applied for various materials or devices at the Engineering Physics Department in Ankara University with the collaboration of other universities will be summarized:

  • Electrochemically tunable ultrafast optical response of graphene oxide1
  • Encapsulation of dye molecules in self-assembled peptide nanofibers23,
  • Probing ultrafast energy transfer between excitons and plasmons15,
  • Inter/intra molecular electron/energy transfers in BODIPY molecules for photosensitizer applications
  • The effect of charge transfer on the ultrafast and two photon absorption properties of various compounds? • Enhancement of water oxidation under visible light by enhancing the electron transfer
  • Electron injection dynamics in dye sensitized solar cells


Short Biography of the Speaker:

After receiving her B.S. degree in Ankara University Engineering Physics Department in 1993 H. Gül Yağlıoğlu completed master program in 1995 in the same department. She took her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering Department in The City University of New York, USA in 2001. She worked as a research assistant during her studies at CUNY and her studies were supported by CUNY science fellowship. She studied ‘Characterization and Time Resolved Dynamics of Nanostructures for Nonlinear Optical Applications’ during her studies for PhD. After completing PhD, she joined to Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovation Optical Networking Division in Holmdel, NJ, USA in 2001. She was a member of a team developing next generation ultra long haul wavelength division multiplexing product called LambdaXtreme Transport in Lucent technologies until 2005. After returning to Turkey in 2005, she started working as an assistant professor in Engineering Physics Department in Ankara University. She is currently working as a full professor in Engineering Physics Department in Ankara University.