Emrah Özensoy, Professor

Department Chair

Bilge Baytekin

Associate Professor

Physical Chemistry
Organic and Materials Chemistry

Ozensoy Lab focuses on the investigation of catalytic nanomaterials and processes for alternative energy production, energy conversion, sustainability, environment and aerospace.

Baytekin Group is interested in problems related with mechanical to chemical energy conversions, synthesizing materials and producing new materials to build complex systems with the help of organic chemistry, and understand the molecular mechanism of electrostatics.

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Ömer Dağ


Ferdi Karadaş

Associate Professor

Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry

Dag Research Group is a research team working on the synthesis, characterization, and application of lyotropic liquid crystals and nanostructured materials.

Karadas Research Group has been interested in the utilization of cyanide-based inorganic and organometallic compounds for water splitting, by combining specific units step-by-step to harvest solar light and convert it to chemical energy.

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Zeki Kuruoğlu


Halil İbrahim Okur

Assistant Professor

Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Physics
Biophysical Chemistry

Professor Kuruoglu mainly focuses on the state-of-art problems in chemical reaction dynamics, quantum theory of scattering, few-body problems, and numerical methods for quantum mechanical calculations.

Okur Research Group aims to elucidate chemical processes occurring at biointerfaces, including biological lipid membranes, surfaces of biomacromolecules, nucleic acids, and air/water interfaces, using nonlinear optics and modeling to reach a molecular level detailed picture.

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Şefik Süzer


Dönüş Tuncel


Physical Chemistry
Organic and Polymer Chemistry

Suzer Research Group focuses the problems about layer-by-layer deposition and their antibacterial applications, electrical investigation on nano-scale structures with dynamic XPS, tribochemistry investigation of various materials, wettability of surfaces.

The research in Tuncel Lab combines synthetic organic, supramolecular and polymer chemistry to prepare functional materials such as supramolecular polymers, which have potential applications in the use of polymeric opto-electronic devices and molecular switches, which have applications such as live cell imaging and theranostic nanomedicine.

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Yunus Emre Türkmen

Assistant Professor

Burak Ülgüt

Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry

Türkmen Research Group focuses on the development of new heterocyclic reactions central to medicinal chemistry, template-directed photochemical reactions, the use of non-covalent interactions for organocatalysis, and total synthesis of biologically active natural products.

Ulgut Research Group is centered on developing new measurement tools/methods around the ideas of electrochemistry. The measurements we are trying to develop all answer needs that are currently unmet. The group is working on developing measurement tools that are mostly inspired by problems of energy storage and conversion systems. The group is developing the toolbox for proper measurement and investigation of energy storage and conversion systems.

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