Baytekin Research Group Publish on the Cover of Chemistry a European Journal

Recent research of Baytekin Research Group, in collaboration with Lagzi (Budapest) and Karadaş groups, is featured on the cover page of Chemistry – a European Journal published by Wiley.

In this work, the team showed easy access to different-size catalytically active Prussian Blue analogue particles via an uncommon method: Forming a reaction-diffusion chemical pattern (the concentric green bands in the scheme) in a hydrogel with the precursor chemicals. The ‘trick’ to creating a particle size library of such a highly insoluble product is to add the reactants together, keeping one as a ‘dormant’ citrate complex and activating on demand with strong acid diffusion. This research shows that reaction-diffusion systems can produce spatially separated libraries of chemically valuable micro/nanoparticles. The method helps skip tedious separation steps after conventional solution-based synthesis, control and assess the catalytic activity of particles – all formed in the same media.

If you are interested in further details of the recent work of Baytekin Research Group, you might check their published article on Chemistry a European Journal by clicking here.

Bilge Baytekin, associate professor at our department and head of Baytekin Research Group